ISPEK KFK provides service nationally and abroad on building heating-cooling, ventilation, isolation systems of commercial buildings like business centres, holiday resorts, shopping centres, quality residences and factory buildings.

Having more and more importance in today’s building technologies, ventilation, insulation, heating-cooling systems require expertise and professional experience. With its experience and expert staff, ISPEK KFK is specialized on ventilation, insulation and heating-cooling systems.

Having successfully implemented ventilation, insulation, heating and cooling works in a number of projects in Turkey and abroad, ISPEK KFK VENT. INS. CONS. AND TRADE LTD CO. has become one of the leading and largest companies in the industry.

ISPEK KFK provides self-flanged air ducts to industry in air duct manufacturing, constituting an important part of installation and ventilation systems. Our company manufactures with automated machinery in its facility in a 1000 square meters closed area, established in Ataşehir Ferhatpaşa. Daily processing capacity of self-flanged automated ventilation machine tool is 500 square meters. In the preparatory phase to manufacturing, bends and fittings are made automatically in CNC cutting machine.

ISPEK FKF meets an important industry requirement with its annual 180.000 square meters capacity in the self-flanged air duct production, which it has started with its cutting edge automated machinery, experienced staff and its tradition of site working. Our company is ready to meet your demands with its fast manufacturing capability, quality products and customer-focused services.

Ispek System

Thanks to its automated computer-controlled special channel machines, self-flanged air ducts manufacturing is a whole, covering its implementation and after assembly services.

Ispek Plasma Cut Channel Fittings

By using CAMduct software package, designed exclusively for ventilation systems, ventilation fittings with fixed shapes (in line with requirements) over 150 are viewed in 3-D and cut via Plasma cutting method with the assurance of ISPEK. Ventilation and decorative aspect of spaces, built with the implementation of plasma cut parts with self-flanged channels, are brought to perfection.

No waste cutting and easy installation zero workmanship fault, fastest and quality service delivery to customer, mass production and splendid appearance, perfect result of our perception towards superior manufacturing, work of ISPEK KFK’s expertise on ventilation, state-of-the-art technology are in your service thanks to ISPEK KFK.

Self-flanged Channel System

Self-Flanged air ducts are preferred thanks to its simpler installation compared to traditional systems, its leak proof feature, its aesthetics and cost-efficiency.

Technical Features

• Flanges are available in standard sizes of 20 mm and 30 mm.

• Standard channel height of 20 mm flange is 1090 mm.

• Standard height is 1040 mm in 30 mm flange.

• Its resistance is higher compared to other systems.

• Fast and High Quality Mass Production capacity.

• Production is made from galvanized, stainless and aluminium sheet.

• Cost-efficient workmanship is ensured as used flange system is own sheet of channel and there are no nailing-collection, screwing, centring operations.

• Antibacterial mastic is used in joints.

Its Advantages

• Self-flanged air ducts provide perfect leak proof.

• Self-flanged air ducts are cost-efficient as they do not require additional installation materials.

• As self-flanged air ducts require less workmanship in work site, during installation and they provide economy, ease of installation and fast implementation.

• It saves from workmanship and time.

• As friction factor is low in self-flange air ducts, losses, resulting from friction decrease, airflow is perfect.

• Self-flange air ducts do not allow for bacterial growth thanks to its smooth internal surface, it provides hygienic ventilation.

• Self-flange air ducts are manufactured from quality, certified sheets and they are delivered after antibacterial mastics are applied.

Note: Nonstandard channels with flanges that are not original are also manufactured on demand. Flange sizes are 20, 30 and 40 mm. Production is made from galvanized, stainless and aluminium sheets.

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